The Most Important Thing You Could Ever Do to Breaking Free From Being a Wage Slave

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When I talk to people about the jobs they hold so dear none of them likes them. They don’t like what they do, they don’t like the hours they have to work, they don’t like their co-workers and they can’t stand their boss. So why are they still there you ask?

They continue to go to a job they hate because they are quite comfortable in their misery. Wow! Isn’t that amazing how someone can get comfortable in their own misery? It is basically a form of Stockholm syndrome.

They begin to have empathy and sympathy for the very thing that is hurting them. They begin to rationalize that being underpaid, stressed out, used and abused is not that bad. After all there are a lot of people out there who don’t have jobs. Yet, on the higher scheme of things little do they know that the jobless person is exactly better off than they are.

The most important thing you can do to break free from being a wage slave is to get upset that you are one. Aren’t you tired of being sick and tired? Aren’t you tired of getting up early, getting into the middle rush hour traffic and rushing to get to a place you despise being at every day?

You think that would be an easy yes answer, but it is not. When you offer people and alternative they make up every excuse in the world why they can’t own their own business. I’ve heard them all. They would rather stay in their misery instead of doing something about it.

Most don’t want to spend money on something that could change their lives and their family’s life forever. Yet, they will continue to buy the latest gadget, most popular pair of tennis shoes or video game etc… These things do nothing to enhance their lives!

You’re looked down on for wanting to help them. They look at you as trying to use them. When the fact remains that they are being used every day by their jobs and the media. They bow and scrape for their slave master looking to him for measly scraps he thrown at them.

Question … Would You Like To Live Without ‘Money Worries’ For The Rest Of Your Life?

They have become enslaved to money instead of making money their slave. They are scared of not having money and also scared to step out and make money. You can make money by starting a network marketing business.

Break Free From Poverty!

Some ask, “Why are you always pushing network marketing?” Network marketing has unlimited income potential. You can go as high as you want to go. Profits are better than wages.

Some of you right now are saying yeah that’s cool, but its one thing to know something an another thing to do it. Most stop because they are concerned about what people will think of them and what they are doing. Forget the critics!

You want to do something great in life look for people to talk about you. You should expect that you will have some haters. Most will not see what is right in front of them. It takes faith to step out into uncertainty.

The lives we live is about choices. The choices you make today will affect the rest of your life. The secret of progress and success are in the choices we make. Our gifts and talents are given to us from above. Whether you use them or squander them is your choice.

The most important thing you can do to break free from being a wage slave is to make a choice. I’m not telling you to walk off your job. I’m telling you to make up in your mind that you will do something until you are able walk off your job.

See you can complain and gripe about being a wage slave or you can do something about it. It all happens in the mind, stay or go. The choice is YOURS!

Eric L. Huntley



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