Welcome to Team Champion! My name is Eric L. Huntley, and I’m the founder and creator of Team Champion. I started this website because I have a love and deep respect those who are grinding it out day after day trying to make a change in their lives. I know the trials and tribulations that a person goes through trying to build a business, obtain a degree, get a promotion, etc…eric3


But what makes one achieve their goal while another fails? It’s all in the mind. Mind-set is everything. You will never be able to accomplish anything in life without the proper mind-set.


My mission for this website is to make Team Champion a motivational and training hub bringing you the latest techniques in mind-set training, mind-set elevation, mind-set motivation, etc… The place you come to hangout awhile, where your mind has been taken to another level, you leave here with a renewed and clearer vision.


I welcome your feedback, how I can make the site better and what you would like to see more of.  Whatever your dreams and aspirations are my desire is for Team Champion to help you make them come true…believe…it’s possible. It begins with the mind.