5 Proven Effective Characteristics of a Dynamic Winner

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Have you ever thought what makes a winner? You probably think of someone who was brought up in a good home, lived in the best neighborhood, got good grades in school, a popular person, parents are rich, etc… At least that’s what they show in the movies, right?

What if I told you Hollywood loves to lie to you a winner can come from any walk of life. A winner can emerge from the most horrendous of environments. It’s not about where you’re from or what’s on the outside it’s more about wants on the inside that counts.

There are 5 traits or characteristics that make up a winner. If you look at winners in life closely you will see that they all possess them. You may even find that some have more, but none will have less than these 5 characteristics.

Characteristic #1: They Never Quit- Winners have ornate capacity for pain. It doesn’t matter how many times they get knocked down or the wind gets knocked out of their sails they always bounce back. They stand, teeth gritted, face bloodied, scratches and bruises all over their bodies, nostrils flared and they glare at their elusive destiny knowing sooner or later it will be theirs.

Quitting is not in their vocabulary. They live by that age old adage, “Winners never quit and Quitters never win.” You can find them grinding late into the night and early in the morning. Their focus is laser sharp. They have no time for idleness. They are fixated on success. They can see it, smell it and taste it. The winner’s mantra is, I Will Until!

Characteristic #2: They Invest in Their Personal Development – For a winner school is never out. They know that no one person doesn’t know it all so they are always on the hunt for any training or course that can get them closer to their destiny. Winners know that to forfeit success education is certain death to their future.

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Winners know that to get from the valley to the mountain top will take a voracious appetite for learning. Winners are always honing the skills they now possess and are consistently adding new ones to their repertoire. Self-development to a winner isn’t just the thing it’s the principal thing.

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Characteristic #3: They Model Someone Who is More Successful than Them – Winners know that to keep from making a ton of mistakes and to get where their trying to get sooner is to model someone who’s already there. They understand the importance of a mentor or trainer and they don’t mind paying for the best.

Winners understand that a mentor or trainer can cut years off their learning curve. While others are struggling and trying to figure things out they’re way ahead of the game.

Characteristic #4: They Take Action: Winners do it now. They don’t try to be perfect before they start they start from where they are. They understand that perfection will come in the doing. They understand that to procrastinate is to lose so they strike out against all odds. Winners know that circumstances will bow to the man with dogged determination.

Winners know that action is to engage the enemy call failure and if they consistently bombard him with forward movement eventually he will be defeated. They understand that action is the key to success. Winners understand that they must act and act swiftly and courageously. They build their success empire through action steps.

Characteristic #5: They Ask It’s Not Whether I Can or I Can’t Its How Can I Do It – Winners don’t get caught up in the thinking of whether I can or can’t but how. They understand it is in the how that the can will appear. While others get bogged down in their own flawed thinking winners keep asking how, how can I get it done.

When winners ask how the world begins to open up to them. They understand that the mind is activated by questions. And because they are asking how the mind will work on the question until it finds the answer. While the majority is thinking can or can’t I winners get it done.

Are you winner? Do you possess these 5 characteristics? If you don’t it’s never too late to acquire them. Strive to be a winner.

Eric L Huntley



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